Congratulations to Happy Design Studio who have been successfully shortlisted for a Private Jet Concept Award.

Luxe Et Al is delighted to announce that Happy Design Studio have been shortlisted for the Private Jet Concept Award in the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016.As a part of a national project for the U.A.E, the idea was to take one of the oldest types of aircraft, the Airship, and utilize it in a way that has never been done before.The Spirit of the Emirates will offer luxury tourist trips for the citizens and tourists departing from the ‘Spirit of the Emirates’ ground station. In suitable weather conditions, the ‘Spirit of the Emirates’ will glide quietly and elegantly at 1500ft over the most impressive landmarks to make the Emirates a true attraction.


The distinctive shape of the airship combined with creative minds from Happy Design Studios ensures that the Spirit of the Emirates will make a dramatic impact in the skies of the UAE.The natural form of the Zeppelin makes it easy to appreciate from multiple angles. The design is taken to resemble a sort of flying whale meaning it will be enjoyed regardless of the location of the viewer.


Launched by Captain Khaled Ahmed Al-Ansari, the studies for the ‘Spirit of the Emirates’ project began in 2003 with support from Mohammed Bin Rashed’s Establishment for Small and Medium Projects.┬áLater, this initiative received wide support from several national bodies interested in this field in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority.┬áSpirit of the Emirates therefore will represent the support and combined effort of the government.