Congratulations to Hayslip who have been shortlisted for Kitchen Over £25,000 Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Hayslip have been shortlisted for Kitchen Over £25,000 Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016

The goal was to create a transformation that sent the retro style back to the 70’s and bring to life a more modern day design. It was important to create a room that would bring in light through a variety of ways and create a more open and spacious room without affecting the overall structure of the home. They successfully transformed a 1970s kitchen into a modern day design through a variety of techniques. In order to bring more light into the space and create a brighter atmosphere, they updated the walls by using a smooth stone paint color in a flat finish by Benjamin Moore and used 3 cm polished marble by Bianco Carrera consistently throughout the entire counter top.


Porcelain cappadocia flooring by Ann Sacks was chosen to provide fresh, bright flooring and a mixture of polished and matte finishes were used to reflect more life. They also used a mixture of color-correcting LED lights, incandescent light and natural light to provide ample amount of light at any time of the day. They chose to create a custom hand carved limestone vent hood for the stove rather than a cast iron hood to keep with the clean, light feel of the space.


You will notice that wired mesh is used on a number of cabinets as well as cabinets that are complete open and completely closed. They strategically used three variations for the cabinets to add light, texture and interest to the design. Last, but not least, they achieved a challenging goal of visually enlarging the space without altering the footprint by expanding the ceiling height. They designed a dome-shaped ceiling with thick beams to create an aesthetically pleasing design and functional use for the attic, which was used in the expanding process. By lifting the ceiling and creating a dome-like shape, they were able to create down and angled lights and well as allow for plenty of space for the chandelier above the kitchen island.