Further congratulations to ILYA Corporation who have been shortlisted for a Hotel over 200 rooms Award in the Asia Pacific category

design et al are delighted to announce that ILYA corporation have received further success in the Asia Pacific Hotel over 200 rooms category of The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016 
ILYA Corporation have undertaken the complete renovation of this luxury Kyoto hotel – redesigning the all day dining areas , tea lounge & bar areas , banquet areas and guestrooms
The spacious lobby area was designed with motifs of imperial architecture and styles whilst the design of the luxurious suites uses modern and classical ideas that incorporate traditional Japanese crafts thus representing the growth of the city.


Kyoto is the storehouse of Japan’s traditional culture and the stage where many Japanese histories were played out. The Designers at ILYA wanted to make sure this was emulated throughout the design of the Kyoto Hotel so as to provide maximum authenticity for visitors . An extensive Japanese water garden at the centre of the hotels courtyard draws water straight from the local Kamo river. Kyoto is a historical city which has strong relationships with water as it sits atop a large natural water table that provides the city with ample freshwater wells.


The textures used within the spaces, evoke the endless flow of the courtyard waterfall and symbolise the graceful flow of time, creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere . The team focused on these features and employed the idea of “Miyabi” – one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideals which accentuate Japanese traditional beauty and grace. Teamed with “Omotenashi” meaning the Japanese unique approach to hospitality, The Kyoto Hotel exists as an honest yet luxurious portrayal of Japanese culture and experience.


ILYA Corporation