Congratulations to ILYA Corporation who have been shortlisted for an Asia Pacific Hotel Over 200 rooms award

design et al are delighted to announce that ILYA Corporation have been shortlisted for a Hotel over 200 room Award in the Asia Pacific Category.
The Designers wanted the Hotel to have a very authentic Japanese feel. The distinct contrasts in light and dark have been accentuated and became a feature throughout the hotel, in doing so the designers reference the ideas from the book “In Praise of Shadows” written by Juinichiro Tanizaki which states the that subtle interplay of shade and light is traditionally very important in Japanese culture. The overall hotel experience is made more authentic and significant by these design choices and aesthetics. The use of subtle lighting schemes and warm colours contrasted with darker richer tones ,creates a sense of luxury throughout and creates continuity between the public and private area

Traditional Japanese materials and colours were used such as Gold, Urushi (Japanese lacquer) and various stone surfaces. The clever use of shape and geometric rythymns create harmony within the lobby and restaurant areas. Traditional Japanese sceens create a sense of privacy and intimacy without completely closing areas off whilst the mirrors work to open the space up again yet still allowing for Privacy. Kanazawa is fast becoming one of the most popular places in Japan to visit .


As the “Hokuriku Shinkansen, (Japanese bullet train )was unveiled this spring , Kanazawa’s beautifully historical surrounding areas overflowing with top quality traditional craftspeople is much more accessible – meaning tourists are able to truly absorb the real Japanese culture and lifestyle.


ILYA Corporation