Congratulations to Jeffrey Beers International who have been shortlisted for the Restaurant Within a Hotel Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Jeffrey Beers International have been shortlisted for the Restaurant Within a Hotel Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016.

The brief was to create interiors that were as much about family, community, and connection as they were about the food itself in an existing restaurant space aboard a large commercial cruise ship.
It had to feel authentic and full of personal charm to ensure the activity of communicating and making shared memories could build naturally and effortlessly. All with the aim to re-create the mealtime experiences the restaurant’s chef had growing up in Australia.

Sharing table 3

Vintage-looking round white marble dining tables with oil-rubbed brass bases are interspersed with modern espresso-stained wood and blackened steel versions, all surrounded by seating that has a retro-modern flare. There is one counter-height sharing table bordered by inset carpeting and custom glass-tiled screens. Elements not normally seen in hospitality interiors add to the glamorously lived-in residential atmosphere.

Curved seating 1

Unusually low-backed banquettes, upholstered in luxe Chesterfield tufted leather, allow guests to sling an arm over the top and casually converse with guests at other tables.

Decorative curios from the chef’s own home including family photographs and travel souvenirs, are subtly scattered throughout the venue for an authentically warm touch.

Hanging low over the sharing tables, hand-blown glass pendants etched with some of the chef’s favorite recipes cast an intimate glow.

Friendly, cozy, and unassuming, the residential-feeling ambiance is rich with layered history. Furnishings appear to have been collected from different eras, forming a sleek and elegant assortment whose overall effect is new and fresh yet somehow familiar at the same time.

Restaurant entrance

Jeffrey Beers International