Congratulations Kern Design Shortlisted for a Bedroom Award

design et al are pleased to announce that Kern Designs have been shortlisted for a Bedroom Award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

This modern classic penthouse is a luxury new build on the 6th floor. Located in bustling Frankfurt, Germany,

This family with 2 children wanted a luxurious penthouse in a prime location. Colours and materials where all specifically requested by the owners, and implemented within a modern, classic style. The complete composition drips with old Hollywood decadence in a style echoes the cacophony of 1940’s glamour.

bedroom kern-design 05

The entire ensemble would not look out of place on the set of classic black and white film of the golden era of cinema. Even in the absence of colour, this room would appear just as sumptuous.

The crystal chandelier and mosaic carpets are just the top layers of intricately assembled detail, put together by architect and interior designer Nobert E. Kern, and interior designers S. Kober and V. Schlotthauer collaborated on this project.

The huge headboard was made to be curved and covered with velvet, to envelope lounging occupants in luxury. The wall behind is panelled with glasrhomb fixed with Swarovski-buttons, which were produced especially for this project.

bedroom kern-design 01

The TV mounted on the facing wall can also be concealed by a horizontal sliding door with and individual lacquer surface.

Nobert E. Kern said of this project: “My favourite aspect of this design is the attention to quality: All materials had to be the highest quality possible. I wanted to make sure the room shined, whether or not the sun was present.

bedroom kern-design 04

He goes on to say: “This design works so well as from the beginning we developed a clear colour concept and moved consistently in this colour range. We also created material combinations which trigger high emotional moods.”

Kern Design