Congratulations to Laura Stein Interiors who have been shortlisted for a Living Space Global Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Laura Stein Interiors have been shortlisted for Living Space Global Award in The International Design And Architecture Awards 2016 

The design team at Laura Stein Interiors were asked if they could fully furnish a Toronto based house from top to bottom before the client and his family moved in at the end of June. The clients wanted everything they would need to live in the house. With less than three months to complete the project, every room had to be designed at lightning speed.
LauraSteinInteriors_ForestHill_LivingSpaceGlobal_2 Almost every piece in this room was custom made for the space. There is no single element that stands out, but rather the harmony with which all the pieces work together that makes the room special. The warm colour scheme, casual furniture and a variety of textures and patterns make this space a relaxed and homely room for the family to spend time in.
LauraSteinInteriors_ForestHill_LivingSpaceGlobal_ThumbnailThe client’s taste was contemporary, but warm and comfortable. They liked strong hits of colour and bold contrasts in blue, red and orange. The client’s direction was vague and not much direction was given to Laura and her team. However, they were able keep his ideas in mind and they created a beautiful and stylish home for the client. With a focus on exceptional quality, creative thinking and attention to detail, Laura Stein Interiors ensures their clients are taken care of with the highest level of personalized service. Working within their fresh yet timeless style, they develop each design based on the unique personality and lifestyle of the client.LauraSteinInteriors_ForestHill_LivingSpaceGlobal_3

Laura Stein Interiors