Congratulations to Lelievre, winner of the Fabric Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016

design et al are delighted to announce that Lelievre have successfully won the Fabric Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016 

Forming a bridge between tradition and modernity this collection of fabrics is a combination of elegance and artistry. The eye is invited to pause, discover and contemplate away from the pressures of everyday life. The fabrics are inspired by nature following the example of Japanese craftsmen who maintain a privileged relationship with time and the elements. The design and construction of our fabrics echo sophisticated ceramics, prints, traditional weaving and calligraphy with singular beauty giving way to the unexpected.


These precious fabrics reveal a rich palette of designs, fine structures and subtle light reflections. They mark a return to the decorative arts, the ‘savoir faire’ of craftsmen and the imaginative flair of the designer. The influence of the Milky Way and ceramics provided inspiration for this fabric aptly named “Astral”. 
Between heaven and earth this jacquard visits the elements for a surprising design. A metallic weft yarn creates textural relief on the surface while another shows the motif in a color. Three sophisticated variations for use as curtains, wall panels or accessories.


Combining the different silk weaving techniques, Lelievre use both traditional hand looms and computer-controlled mechanical looms, enabling the company to create contemporary designs on demand as well as replicating designs from third-party documents or from the company’s own vast collection of historical archives.