Congratulations to Magni Home collection who have been shortlisted for a Table Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Magni home collection have been shortlisted again  in the Table Category of The International Product Design Awards 2015 

Each table is hand-crafted in Southern California and is made of solid hand-cast bronze with a natural finish. The glass top is made from  3/4“ Diamante glass with a bullnose edge and  the base is also available in oil rubbed bronze or a silver patina.

Colette Side Table_Page_1_Image_0001

The inspiration for the Colette Table was anthropomorphic. If you look closely, you can see a series of graceful figures poised in a circle. It’s animated and organic, almost like it could dance away when you’re not looking. There’s a unison to each skeletal form that comes together to create a utilitarian piece referred to as a “table”, when in fact, we see more of a sculpture that happens to have a functional use. The fact that this is cast in bronze means that this piece will last thousands of years, unlike the human body. The “lost wax” process by which Magni created the Colette Table is over 5700 years old.

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They intentionally crafted a limited edition of 50 in the hopes that a thousand years later, these bronze objects will still have importance. They’re not mass manufactured. Each one is unique and signed by James Magni.

Colette Side Table_Page_2_Image_0001

Magni Home Collection