Congratulations to Maksym Shein who has been shortlisted for Aircraft Cabin Award

Luxe et alĀ are delighted to announce that Maksym Shein has been shortlisted for Aircraft Cabin Award in The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016

This is a wonderful concept of commercial premium economy class, it has been based on a Boeing 787 but the idea could be used on other long haul aircrafts. The main idea of the project is finding the perfect balance between classic and modern styles. The yellow and gray colour scheme is used as an interplay between the two styles. The modern aspect of the design can be seen in all parts of the cabin and it connects and keeps the interior as one architectural ensemble.
MaksymShein_NiceMoodInTheSky_ConceptCabin_ThumbnailThe high tech interior of this aircraft is perfect for relaxing and enjoying your journey, whilst keeping updated with the plane trajectory and flight path. This can be found on the back of every seat, something for all the passengers to enjoy. The panels and units have been decorated with a wood effect to create a calm and serene atmosphere, exactly what is needed on a long haul flight. This design was created specially to give the passengers a relaxed and comforting feel.
MaksymShein_NiceMoodInTheSky_ConceptCabin_3The seating is a brilliant ergonomic shape which can be moved and re set for each passenger’s own comfort. The back of the passenger seat is without an angleĀ  so the passenger can leave their seat more quickly and with ease. The entire cabin is based towards the passengers need of being as relaxed and as comfortable as possible, The cabin was designed with the passenger completely in mind.