Congratulations MARI IANIQ Shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry Award

design et al are pleased to announce that that MARI IANIQ has been shortlisted for a Bespoke Cabinetry Award in the International Product Design Awards 2016.

The NEFERTITI dressing cabinet pays perfect homage to the carré-cut diamond. The overall shape of this handsome, well-proportioned, iconic cabinet is derived from the shape of this elegant jewel.

2.8 NEFERTITI large dressing cabinet by MARI IANIQ in ambiance

This unique piece has cut corners, perfectly echoing the simple and elegant shape of the jewel at its heart. The central feature is surrounded by exquisite hand-crafted metal handles, which can be embellished with delicate metallic fluting for extra refinement.

The central, main decorative feature is made of smoked or antiqued mirror with handmade metal framings surrounded with pearls and crystals, with its own secret compartment hidden behind it, making this exquisite piece extra special.

2.1 NEFERTITI large dressing cabinet by MARI IANIQ

Like everything MARI IANIQ produces, this fine dressing cabinet is bespoke so can be additionally customised on request in the client’s own choice of exclusive materials and refined colours.

A favorite aspect of the product is the royal, proudly shinning central, carre-cut diamond shape, framed with the elaborate, handcrafted, fluted metal handles all suspended within a pared down surface of a matt, taupe, fouxostrich leather front. It’s a strong, elegant and unique central piece.

2.5 NEFERTITI large dressing cabinet by MARI IANIQ close up

The design works so well as it has a daring posture, great balance between the shining central compartment and the pared down front and body. I value the consequence and precision in executing it’s smallest details.

Inspired by luxury jewellery and Egyptian opulence, the NEFERTITI collection is one of the most important designs from the MARI IANIQ studio. It showcases ornate handles in a highly polished finish surrounding a very special central piece and repeating its shape.