Congratulations to Mazu Yachts who have been shortlisted for a Concept up to 40m Award

LUXE et al are delighted to announce that Mazu Yachts have been shortlisted for a Concept up to 40m Award in The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016 
Support Vessel, Leisure Yacht, Chase Boat and tender, the MAZU fiftyeight is a multi task boat.
Mazu yachts wanted to offer their clients a boat that can serve their needs in many possible ways. The boat itself can operate with the diverse functions of 5 different kinds of vessels, and as such, it is transformative in nature. Due to its abilities she was given a more military aesthetic, and in doing so made both the boat and the design fit each other. The Concept was to have a leisure boat with luxurious amenities, combined with capability to carry toys and tenders with over 40 knots of speed. The boat could be used as a mega yacht tender, a chase boat, support vessel or a leisure craft; there is no such product in the current market.


Here you find one of the most unique, high quality builds and mechanically designed power yachts. The hull is cold moulded with layers of vertical grain wood veneers over an open framework male building mould, and for added strength; fibreglass, kevlar or carbon fibre cloth is applied to one or both sides of the hull shell.


The cabin layout is designed to your style and preference, as all the interior furniture is custom built inside the cabin and is bonded directly to the hull, becoming one solid yacht. The boats can be completely customized at no additional cost, any desired colour or paintwork from metallic flake to flat matte.



 Mazu Yachts