Congratulations to Meyer Davis who have been shortlisted for Hotel Lobby/ Public Area/ Lounge Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Meyer Davis have been shortlisted for Hotel Lobby/ Public Areas/ Lounge Award in  The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016

The interior design team’s approach to selecting materials was one of the most important aspects of the design, each decision aimed to use materials in the most honest and natural way.  More honest materials are carefully combined and thoughtfully contrasted through texture and colour. The cooperation and tension found in material relations reflect how they are experienced in nature.
IHPMeyerDavis_1HotelSouthBeach_Lobby_ThumbnailReflecting this narrative throughout the hotel creates an immediate and lasting impact. The environment of 1 Hotel South Beach is casual, easy, and warm. Immersion is instant – while it is an environment that is entirely new, it feels incredibly familiar and palatable. Earthy qualities in building materials are heightened, sharpened, and exaggerated to draw attention to them. For sustainability as well as a desired look and feel, finishes aren’t perfectly finished, finely sanded, or
precisely mitred.
IHPMeyerDavis_1HotelSouthBeach_Lobby_2Material decisions were made that preserved the scale of the existing space. The design team took time to determine which materials were appropriate to use at what dimension to strike the perfect balance architecturally. Each venue within the hotel is punctuated: from reception’s modern jungle, to a beautiful jewel-like coral stone lobby bar, to an installation of unique woven vessels in a public seating area. Designed to every inch, this property was a labour of love from all angles, and a ground breaking accomplishment in luxury hospitality.IHPMeyerDavis_1HotelSouthBeach_Lobby_3

Meyer Davis