Congratulations to Michael Northcroft who have been shortlisted for a Table award

design et al are delighted to announce that Michael Northcroft have been shortlisted for a Table Award in The International Product Design Awards 2015

Taking inspiration from the work of Le Corbusier and Adolf Loos, Michael Northcroft’s Argento Writing table features clean lines and confident proportions. The finish of the carcase is shown here in Dapple Red high gloss with Black Satin legs and Small Square chromium handles.
The brief was to create an exceptional long writing table for luxury residences with that ‘London’ feel. Functionality and style being paramount.


The depth, ‘punch’ and shine of the high gloss of the Dapple Red is key to this design and was a strong starting point that informed the long elegant underframe which is delicate and subtle in its presence. Michael Northcroft wanted to design and make a piece of furniture that showed off this fabulous finish. All pieces are available in a wide range of finishes and features can be adapted to suit personal tastes.


Although Northcroft designs and makes for the latest generation of stars and entertainers, from the start they have been about designing for people. This encompasses all those that work with him; talent must be accompanied by dignity. All suppliers are hand-chosen, and what they provide is regularly discussed and inspected for quality and suitability.
Michael Northcroft only use responsibly harvested timbers from temperate regions. Many tropical timbers are too precious so they never source from those areas of the world.

Michael Northcroft