Congratulations to Nathan Anthony Furniture winner of The Chair Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016

Congratulations to Nathan Anthony Furniture successful winner of the Chair Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016 

Inspired by the Dutch “De Stijl” artistic movement of the early 20th century, the Elan chair cleverly combines the visual composition of vertical and horizontal intersecting lines on a rounded chair frame. The fabric used, features imagery reminiscent of the 1960s Pop art movement with cubist influences. The designer – Tina Nicole has pushed the envelope with this design , using an over stitching technique to intensify the look of an ordinary graphic

NA Elan-S chair_svl hi

The Elan chair features a unique, asymmetrically faceted fabric application across its back with a geometric barrel-like chair frame to soften and add visual interest to the room it sits within . The swivel feature means one can see its beautiful faceted shape from every angle and also allows for effortless socialising . The bold and irreverent chair has a sculptural quality which is reminiscent of the side of a cut crystal in its raw form.

NA Elan-S chair_bv hi

Nathan Anthony