Congratulations to Officina Italiana Design who have been shortlisted for a Power Boat 25-40m Award

LUXE et al are delighted to announce that Officina Italiana Design SRL  have been shortlisted for a Power Boat 25-4o metre  Award In The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016 

An open yacht and a coupé: two souls, entwined in one single, spectacular yacht. Riva’s typically rigorous lines and the 88’ Florida’s own unparalleled elegance are made even more enticing by the yacht’s innovative ‘Convertible Top’ technology, derived from the automotive sector, creating the first convertible luxury motor yacht .The spiritual heir to the Riva Bahamas,with 80s-style details, the Riva Florida is a revolutionary yacht because it marries the open and coupé concepts in one effortless package, thanks to its simple but effective Convertible Top system. Premiered in spring 2015, it has magnificently sporty, streamlined lines which brilliantly complement the convertible superstructure concept. The original windows running along the hull draw plenty of light into the interior, and together with the silvery livery, create a line that accentuates the Florida’s raked sleekness.

Florida 88’is a boat with classical Riva lines: timeless and with a sober elegance. The yacht boasts many new features starting from the new Moon Grey’ shade, a light metallic grey that enhances the yacht’s slender lines, and is in pleasant contrast with the ‘Bright Black’ shade details. The hull profile has an innovative-design with continuous glazing and a stainless steel plate that bears the Riva logo in its central part.


She has a large windshield and the steel roll bar complete this new yacht’s design. The designers decided to feature some of the vintage materials of the 80s, wood in particular, especially for the interiors to create the classic retro feel specifically peach skin elm wood was chosen to convey a soft and cosy feeling. 88’ Florida represented a big challenge, because the team worked to combine an incredible technical innovation – such as the Convertible Top – with a charming boat line.


Officina Italiana Design