Congratulations Peter Staunton Shortlisted for a Living Space UK Award

Design et al are please to annouce that Peter Staunton has been shortlisted for a Living Space UK award in the International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

This project can only be defined as a high-end eco property that fuses Eastern and Western culture. It’s presence brings an Art Deco and rock n roll chic edge to it’s surroundings.


The brief was to deliver a design that would reference various classic style periods, such as Art Deco, and give it a contemporary updated twist, whilst also allowing for everyday family life.The owner is enamored with various styles and periods of design; the challenge was to introduce and work with as many as possible, without them fighting against each other.

One of the rooms was geographically themed in a Japanese and Asian context; another was musically based on John Lennon, and another was built around a Hollywood theme, incorporating the client’s Marilyn Monroe artwork and various Art Deco elements.


The link between them all was luxury rock and roll chic. The client was extremely open minded to fresh and fluid idea, which allowed the designer to style each room with freedom and bring his own personal rock and roll chic style to the scene. Skillfully, the designer has done this without losing the path of the client’s needs and expectations.

It is a constant travel through different styles and cultures providing an authentic personality to each room without breaking the balance in the house. Each room gives the inhabitant a completely different atmosphere and serves its own purpose.

Peter Staunton