Reloaded Design - Black Swan Cabinet

Congratulations to Reloaded Design shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2017

design et al are delighted to announce that Reloaded Design have been shortlisted for Bespoke Cabinetry Award in The Product Design Categories within The International Design and Architecture Awards 2017

A unique piece from the 1940s is inspired by the world of music and fashion, vaunting original Bakelite handles and carved wooden legs which have been restored to their natural state by Italian Designer Eliana Trentalancia.

The Black Tie Swan Cabinet has been detailed with beads, stones and black rhinestones. The finished top has been hand-painted in a damask design whilst the interior has been lit up with yellow with jewel chains serving as doorstops. The lavish intricate decoration contrasts with the simplicity of the legs in unfinished wood, enhancing the mastery of the carved swans.

Reloaded Design - Black Swan CabinetTwo swans transport us to the mythological world of Leda, Zeus’ beloved. The richness of the decorations and the black trim alludes to the notes of Act III of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet and the elegance of the costumes.

Standing at nearly one meter in height this bespoke piece has been revived with wood, enamel, metal and crystal beads. The designer used the challenge of transforming a piece from the past into an ultramodern contemporary work of art. Reloaded Design realises bold pieces suitable for any kind of environment. Each piece is made entirely by hand; from painting to the decorative work, to the application of jewellery and materials. This is not just restoration work, it involves unusual techniques and experiments that gradually evolve to enhance the original forms and breathe new life into the object.

Reloaded Design - Black Swan Cabinet

“I think the Black Tie Swan Cabinet is perfect in a minimalistic design as this piece personalises the ambience it is situated in”
– Eliana Trentalancia, Black Tie Swan Cabinet

Eliana Trentalancia was born in Milan, Italy. She later moved to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Trentalancia has worked in Italy and abroad for the most prestigious luxury brands in both fashion and design. For years she has nurtured a passion for the esoteric sciences and alchemy, and during her travels she has collected pieces and objects from all over the world. Creative and curious, Eliana Trentalancia is now dedicated to creating bespoke antique furniture with a new and unique lease of life. She gives a contemporary touch to the old-fashioned feeling of unique Italian craftsmanship.