Congratulations to Revelton Suites who have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Revelton Suites have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Room Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016.

The project was designed as a reflection of the city Karlovy Vary, a very romantic place, the designers wanted that seen throughout the hotel, that mixed with the Provence style. Home like features were added such as a kitchenette, to give guests a cosy feel, like they never wanted to leave.IHPReveltonSuites_ReveltonSuites_HotelUnder200Rooms_ThumbnailThe project includes 8 apartment units, each storey has its own colour scheme. For example, the Mint Storey is the mix of velvety dark green, light mint, and beige on the walls and Pastel Storey is made in warm brown tones – chocolate and warm beige. All the walls are decorated with white mouldings. At the same time, each storey has different height of the ceilings. The higher the storey is, the lower the ceilings are, with this in mind, two very different looks are achieved with the more spacious rooms giving a very luxurious feel and the lower ceilings a cosy and home-like effect, something which the team wanted when it was designed.IHPReveltonSuites_ReveltonSuites_HotelUnder200Rooms_2A lot of attention was paid to the lighting. The ceilings on the first and second storeys are about three meters in height, that allowed the designers to decorate the ceilings and add supplementary lighting with the led string. The chandeliers in the hallways are voluminous for a small space but they create a striking atmosphere. Lower light creates more private, intimate atmosphere. The interior is done in the way that the guests could feel the atmosphere of our city in their rooms, and the same time, so that they would want to extend their stay in the hotel.IHPReveltonSuites_ReveltonSuites_HotelUnder200Rooms_3


Revelton Suites