Congratulations to Roelfien Vos who have been shortlisted for Living Space: Europe Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Roelfien Vos have been shortlisted for Living Space: Europe Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016

Roelfien Vos’s client is a cosmopolitan entrepreneur who spends most of their time traveling around the world. They do not like to stay in hotels but love the personal touch of a boutique hotel atmosphere. The main desires and needs were; ultimate luxury, spaciousness, masculinity and international design.


The starting point of the project was to achieve a worldly, sexy and modern lifestyle in between hectic business trips. The whole project needed to be custom made, walls needed to be removed and a new layout was necessary. The project was designed with a focus on detailing each and every element of design. Key suppliers were selected on their flexibility and ability to deliver at the highest standards of our client.


There was limited space for the master bedroom. By removing the old staircase  and changing it into a straight staircase we gained a large amount of space. As a result you can appreciate the stunning view of The Hague from all points of the Master suite


Roelfien Vos