Congratulations to Romuald Stefanski who has been shortlisted for a Chair Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016

design et al are delighted to announce that Romuald Stefanski have been shortlisted for a Chair Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016 

Inspiration of the design and description of piece: The name of this chair is “Luroidea” which refers to the super family of scorpions by the same name. The concept was inspired by the scorpion and how its tail seems to rigidly curl back on itself. Yet in fact, the tail is very pliable and not rigid at all. It moves faster than the eye can see with its eight legs and this gives it the appearance of hovering over the ground.


 These characteristics match how the chair was designed – deceivingly pliable and malleable with translucent legs that seemingly make it weightless. Luroidea is constructed from cold pressed laminate of birch ply sheets veneered in European Walnut. It has a base made with thermoformed Perspex. The leather which comes from J&FJ Baker Ltd. the last tannery in Great Britain uses the traditional oak bark process which is favoured by distinguished shoe makers and top stables for its high quality, durability and finish. The upholstery has been hand stitched by a saddler using very rare box stitch method.


This piece of furniture was created to address the needs for an executive lounge office chair. With a minimalist aesthetic, this chair fits in all innovative structures but also stands out as a unique piece in a classic office environment . Executives feel comfortable knowing they are sitting in a chair that is as fierce, nimble and formidable as they are.
The visual strength in the shapes created by this piece are juxtaposed against the luxurious tactile material in which it is built. which is counteracted by the luxurious material.

Romuald Stefanski