Congratulations to Romuald Stefanski who has been shortlisted for a Lighting- Pendant/Chandelier Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Romuald Stefanski have been shortlisted for a Lighting- Pendant/Chandelier Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016 

“Cocoon” is recommended as a decorative ceiling lamp, with a new way of design. The design process is different from other general ways of design as it goes straight from idea to making. Rather than just gripping a pen and sketching on a paper, the team went straight to crafting, bending, hammering and “spinning” the stainless steel left over from a recent project, thus recycling what would typically have been discarded. As the lamp shape emerged and stretched towards the floor, it became obvious that this would be much better suited as decorative room pendant and less functional than conversational.

RomualdStefanski-141-Edit (1)

Romuald Stefanski believes that in recent years the furniture and lighting market has changed from standardisation to customisation with people favouring the purchase of unique bespoke items. We truly enjoyed working on this project. The “spun” stainless steel design is reminiscent of a cocoon and gives off a soft light that is enhanced by the reflections of the polished strands. As the piece took shape Cocoons form began to be replaced by complexity.


Romuald Stefanski