Congratulations to Rupert Bevan who have been shortlisted for a Bespoke Cabinetry Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Rupert Bevan have been shortlisted for a Bespoke Cabinetry Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016 

Rupert Bevan wanted to create a piece that celebrated the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s cocktail party era, something which evoked those feelings of opulence and extravagance the way Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ manages to do so well. The Art Deco scene was a large part of the inspiration behind this piece . The decorative geometric design on the exterior façade was translated from a traditional Japanese woodblock painting, etching the design onto the brass panels to create the pattern then allowing it to naturally patinate. The interior is in dark stained walnut, and features bespoke brass storage rails for glasses, a mirror clad bar/serving area with lighting and adjustable shelves, an integrated wine rack, brass clad drawers, and fitted fridge and freezer.

Cocktail Cabinet (1) copy

This cocktail cabinet was created as an in-house design to exhibit at the London Design Festival, and showcases the extent of the teams skills as designers, makers and finishers. Part of the intention in the design was to explore the potential of a completely new surface finish, as well as a chance to include the bespoke features and details that make it an exceptional piece.

Cabinet_Details (3) small

The stunning external finish manages to maintain a chic subtlety , whilst at the same time making a dramatic statement. The tawny gold hues of the brass add drama when the cabinet is closed with the effect of opening the cabinet itself made all the more dramatic by the internal lighting system which illuminating the content with a myriad of reflections from the mirror glass.

Cocktail Cabinet (2) cropped


Rupert Bevan