Congratulations to Sigmar who have been shortlisted for a Living Space UK Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Sigmar have been shortlisted for a Living Space UK Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016.

The brief was to design a comprehensive interior scheme for this unique space that was suited to showcase the clients vast array of eclectic artwork. The owners of this property needed  an interior  space that felt just right for their lifestyle and tastes.
Court House_0153

They wanted the property , with its impressive windows and high ceilings, to gain an ever so slightly warmer quality with a new personality, but still not lose its own integrity and slightly utilitarian/industrial feel. This was done by valuing the beauty and philosophy of modernist vintage pieces, as well as adding touches of bold colour & texture in the right places. By incorporating a high portion of light vintage furniture all with its own sculptural value, with elegant functional modern pieces makes the space feel luxuriously ‘lived in’. The furniture, largely made by hand in natural and warm materials, allowed the vastness of the room to remain impressive.

Court House_0303

The vastness of the space was initially overwhelming as light and sound bounced off the walls. The intensive light was toned down with a thought-through grey-scale, largely mixed from Sigmar’s own colour collection, Damo. Subtly textured fabric wallpaper adds a warm sophistication to the bedrooms makes the space feel inviting. This all works in juxtaposition and contrast with the openness of the social space upstairs. Sigmar played with height and a “not overly structured” way of display hanging picture shelves, plinths and custom made display cabinets for the clients to blend their beloved art, sculptures and artefacts in a charming yet sophisticated way.

Court House_0162

Everything has its own space, yet works together as a ‘family’.