Congratulations to Spagnulo&Partners who have been Shortlisted for a Bedroom Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Spagnulo&Partners have been shortlisted for a Bedroom Award in The International Design And Architecture Awards 2016

This classic penthouse apartment has private terraces with exceptional views across Rome’s renowned skyline. The interior design concept for the property is unique in its exceptional attention to detail. Repeating motifs and a uniform palette are streamlined to ensure every element feels cohesively aligned. The spacious living areas combine two reception rooms, a master suite, two bedrooms, a dining room and kitchen. The concept reflects a new definition of understated luxury. Devoid of ostentation, it focuses on the true craftsmanship of Italian design.

4. Penthouse Rome _ bedroom

It is an intellectual journey into form and artisanship, using the finest materials and fabrics, from decorative marble to blown crystal and vernacular traditional detailing has been maintained. Decorative details are presented with finesse. Handcrafted glass chandeliers accentuate expansive ceiling recesses. Wooden wall panels are painted with a white trim, which is mirrored across the white lines running across the marble flooring. In the entrance hall a gold motif embellishes the floors.

The master bedroom has continuous windows. Shutters open to reveal uninterrupted views, leading out to a beautiful terrace.


In the reception room, a marble fireplace is presented alongside accents of glass, crystal and velvet, providing a space for the client to relax in the highest level of comfort and refinement. Glazing protects the main terrace from the elements. Here, the overall design is futuristic in form. A sleek Jacuzzi pool and luxurious low level seating completes the concept for this outside space.