Congratulations to Splinakis Ship Design who have been shortlisted for a Concept over 40m Award

LUXE et al are delighted to announce that Splinakis Ship Design have been shortlisted for a Concept over 40m Award In The International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2016.

The main target of the Sea Shadow concept design was to study, develop and reach a solution suitable to offer large and comfortable spaces for guests, both on the indoor private and common areas and on the outdoor spaces. To reach the target, Splinakis Ship Design adopted the idea, already investigated in a previous design , to use the lower deck as free-board deck, so that the 4 guest cabins located on the lower deck have a dedicated common balcony with foldable bulwark possible to be used as beach platform.

Sea Shadow - salon & dining

The outdoor common areas have been designed to offer as large space as possible suitable to accommodate all guests without generating a feeling of a crowded environment.
The elements that guided the Sea Shadow’s interior design were the search for comfort and a sober and elegant style. This has been obtained with the use of clean lined furniture and warm natural textures of wood, leather and fabrics. The juxtaposition of these warm materials against the coolness of steel, marble, backlit onyx and glass,creates a modern, understated but luxurious feel . All of these elements are tied together by the clever use of lighting which illuminates the space with a soft cosy hue.

Sea Shadow - Exterior 03
The two designers, Simona and Andrea, met by chance, after more than twenty years, in a shopping center, deciding, within minutes, to cooperate in yachts and ships design. This is their first joint project: a challenge, a bet.

Sea Shadow - Exterior 01

Splinakis Ship Design