Congratulations to Stickman Design LLC: Successfully Shortlisted for the Global – Restaurant within a Hotel Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2016

design et al would like to congratulate Stickman Design LLC for being successfully shortlisted in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2016. Contemporary All Day Dining where tradition meets innovation that offers Asian and international and Indian cuisines from it’s interactive kitchen. Tamra’s design is energetic and full of character to match the restaurant’s personality.


Stickman Tribe - Tamra Restaurant - Global - Restaurant With In A Hotel - Thumbnail


The space is adorned with unique and quirky designs elements, from the wheat grass lined planters that form the backdrop of the continental station to the leather strapped decorative rolling pins screens and the canopy over the banquet seating area. Copper hanging pots are displayed over high top tables where mirrored walls provide an exaggerated continuous view.


Stickman Tribe - Tamra Restaurant - Global - Restaurant With In A Hotel - T2


Designed with intimacy in mind, Tamra has pockets of privacy screened off by decorative floor to ceiling rope partitions. A 10-pax semi private dining room opens out to the restaurant by means of a folding door, so guests can choose to dine in privacy or open to the hustle and bustle of the eatery. A decorative floating timber wall and copper pipe pendant lights provide a unique backdrop to this area.


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Hanging shelves at the back of the show kitchens are used to display decorative food related accessories and provide a backdrop to the chefs at work. Showcasing the food and highlighting the processes, the counter tops are lined with signature dishes from around the globe. The Indian station displays three large copper cased tandoor ovens, providing a theatrical and interactive dining experience. Tamra’s design matches the Asian and European inspired and having it in the centre of a country that offers plenty of spices and rich in culture, India.