Congratulations to Studio Insign who have been shortlisted for a Residential Property Value £1-2.5 Million Award

design et al are delighted to announce that Studio Insign have been shortlisted for a Residential Property Value £1-2.5 Million Award in The International Design And Architecture Awards 2016.

Studio Insign’s team of architects and designers have worked to restore the charm of the exterior of a building in Satu Mare and to carry out an interior redesign.The entire outdoor areas were redesigned and landscaped to meet the brief of the clients. Working from the clients brief the team put emphasis on the greener areas ensuring these were at the forefront of all the elements of the design.


The team of interior design ers and architects for Studio Insign specialize in boiserie style projects and turnkey solutions for houses, apartments, office sites, hotels, cafés, restaurants, pubs and clubs  The brief for this project also included the design of the living space ,master bedroom, the guest bedroom, bathrooms and kitchen.All the floors throughout are made from marble. From a chromatic point of view, neutral colours are offset with bright tones to further accentuate the contemporary feel. The large space was carefully divided to ensure high functionality but to maintain a warm welcoming atmosphere and Luxury contemporary furniture was used throughout.ID&A_Noblesse_residentialpropertyvalue1-2.5mil_modernluxuryhouse_2

Studio Insign designed and implemented the bespoke spiral staircase, made from a mixture of steel and glass, this is a central point of the properties interior as it creates a central focal point in this large open plan ground floor – tying all aspects of the design together.


Studio Insign