Congratulations to SuMisura who have been shortlisted for a Bedroom Award

design et al are delighted to announce that SuMisura have been shortlisted for a Bedroom Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2016 

One Shenton is a stunning, luxury residential development nestled in the Singapore Central Business District. The clients expressed a desire for a timeless and luxurious theme for the house. The spacious master bedroom includes a sit down dresser, storage for the daily work wear, display for frequently used jewellery, inviting king-sized bed and most importantly, a layout that would allow a comfortable circulation despite the round structural column at one corner of the room.IDASuMisura_Bedroom_OneShenton_ThumbnailThe master bedroom is where the couple spends the bulk of their time together and the mission was to make this space their favourite out of the whole condominium. Unlike the typical room layout where the bed is usually butted against the wall, the designers had anchored the bed against a study/column backdrop that would allow for a bigger clearance between the foot of the bed and wardrobe. The full length bronze tinted mirror reflected the exterior view, creating the illusion of experiencing two views at once from both sides of the windows.IDASuMisura_Bedroom_OneShenton_2The couple will be able to enjoy the view of Marina Bay Sands, one of the Singapore’s most iconic landmarks, while indulging in their favourite movie behind the study. Furthermore, special attention was given to the details and materials of the furniture and soft furnishings. Polished Mahogany, leather, stainless steel, satin and velvets were used extensively throughout the entire bedroom. The attention to detail ensured that all items were primarily functional but also appealed to the client’s expensive tastes.