Congratulations to Tattu Restaurant Shortlisted For The Global – Restaurant Category In The International Hotel & Property Awards 2016

design et al are thrilled to announce that Tattu Restaurant has been shortlisted for The International Hotel & Property Awards 2016. The design brief for Tattu was to create a venue inspired by the history and cultural influence of body art, following its journey from East to West over centuries and acknowledging its significance as a unique art form.


Tattu Restaurant and Bar - Tattu Restaurant and Bar - Global - Restaurant - Thumbnail


Dividing the layout into three distinct areas, each one would need to reflect a different style of body art. Iconic imagery and symbols from each genre would be incorporated within the design details so that each space would be entirely distinctive, yet aesthetically linked together as part of the overarching narrative, creating a journey throughout the venue.


Tattu Restaurant and Bar - Tattu Restaurant and Bar - Global - Restaurant - T2


Typically masculine elements were to be harmoniously balanced with softer feminine details to create a considered equality within the design. Materials, textiles and furniture were to be bespoke, tailored to reflect the unique style of the venue, resonating the individuality of body art and pushing design boundaries to create a decadent yet functional setting.


Tattu Restaurant and Bar - Tattu Restaurant and Bar - Global - Restaurant - T4


The design and finished outcome of Tattu works because it has successfully created a sensory journey for its guests, engaging taste, touch, scent and vision from the moment they enter the venue. From the feel of materials and texture, to the subtle scent of incense chosen specifically for each area, each guest’s experience is completely individual. The volume of bespoke detail and craftsmanship that has been invested into the venue certifies its uniqueness, with a design that allows each guest to interpret it in their own way, drawing on the history and influence of body art and paying homage to the cultures and artists who’re responsible for this distinctive form of art having such a dominant place in society today.