Congratulations to THDP who have been shortlisted in the Fabric category

design et al are delighted to announce the shortlist success of THDP who have been shortlisted in the Fabric category in the International Product Design Awards 2015 

Resinflex appointed THDP as designer consultants to develop collections specifically designed for commercial and hospitality projects. The brief was to create low VOC content, durable, odourless products with high maintenance qualities. The aesthetic brief was to complement interior design scheme palettes for international projects and to create a collection with a soft, luxurious fabric feel. THDP interpreted the brief with the design of a collection inspired by vintage metals.

Ruggine marrone blu II

The colours are muted with soft and sophisticated hues to create a feel of elegant and discreet luxury. The surface finish reacts extremely well to light reflections, without being shiny and without creating patches of light. Light is reflected in micro sheer sparkles, like the effect of a satin fabric. The adaptaflex technology features elastomers to allow an easy installation and adaptability to the most unusual of different shapes. The collection presents 19 colours, including titanium, light bronze, platinum, rust, antique silver, copper oxide, verdigris and pewter.The designers wanted to create a luxury product for upholstery of headboards and seating with high martin dale together with a fabric feel. They find the satin fabric effect gives a more elegant touch than the cow skin texture particularly for bedrooms and suites design.

Ruggine misto