Congratulations to Volenec Studio shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020

design et al are delighted to announce that Volenec Studio has been shortlisted for Bar/Club/Lounge – Global Award in The International Hotel & Property Awards 2020.

The design inspiration of Butterfly came from the sensual interior design eccentricities of Casa Mollino and the parallels of style & taste that the designer saw in the client Nur Khan through getting to know him leading up to the project. Volenec studio decided to deliberately fuse & blur the lines between these two personalities, Nur & Carlo, designing the lounge in a free-style fashion that feels as if you were stepping into playful-fantasy-version of Nur Khan’s private living room.

Volenec Studio

To personalize the space, Volenec Studio incorporated artworks by Nur’s long-time friends Damien Hirst and Sante D’orazio, (both who generously contributed significant artworks to the project). In essence, Butterfly is an eccentric-layering of 4 creative masters, all of whose work is distinct in style. Carlo Mollino-inspired leopard print walls, butterfly-display, & landscape mural serve as the general backdrop to Butterfly. Ettore Sottsass-inspired rugs create a layer of visually playful discord. Damien Hirst butterfly paintings and Sante Dorazios photographs from Versace’s final show in Milan adorn the walls, personalizing the space by making Nur’s friends artwork a permanent fixture in Butterfly, all of which together create a visually dramatic & playful dialogue between four masters, both past & present.

Volenec Studio

Creating a playful discord by incorporating elements of two very different Italian masters, Carlo Mollino & Ettore Sottsass. The general free-style use of pattern-on-pattern (discordant at times) however upon closer inspection there is a subtle continuity.

The fusion of high / low finishes, in other words: sophisticated & playful creates a space that is both elegant & fun, the space feels very inclusive and approachable.

Volenec Studio

Butterfly is a hidden bar/lounge behind the lobby of SIXTY SOHO, due to the concealed location within the hotel, the design of Butterfly is intentionally in stark contrast to the surrounding common areas of the hotel, with the intention of creating an element of surprise as the patrons enter Butterfly.

Volenec Studio

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