Congratulations to Wider Yachts who have been successfully shortlisted for a Power Yacht over 40m Award.

LUXE et al  are delighted to announce to announce that Wider Yachts  have been shortlisted for the Power Yacht over 40m Award  In The International Yacht And Aviation Awards 2016 

This superyacht with diesel electric propulsion system offers exceptional, intelligent design and the highest quality of finish. Stand out features on-board are the class leading outdoor spaces, particularly the beach club and the use of latest technology to reduce sound and vibration levels to a minimum.

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Genesi is designed for someone who is looking for large outdoor spaces, demanding same indoor comforts they require from a home and an engineering package which allows the highest levels of comfort. The favourite aspect of the project is the enhanced enjoyment of the marine environment. This is the fundamental driving force behind the WIDER design. The WIDER 150 boasts more than 350m² of external areas, offering numerous relaxation venues in direct connection to the sea, for the owner and guests to enjoy. Most notable is the spectacular beach club a 90m² leisure space right on the water with a 7m seawater swimming pool. Both the pool and the size of the beach club are unique among yachts of this length.

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Wider 150 has a Diesel Electric with Azimuthal pod Propulsion system which is the only yacht of its size with this type of propulsion and battery storage. The advantages of this system over traditional propulsion include the ability to run solely on battery power for a full night in complete silence.

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This makes Genesi one of the most silent superyachts available on the market (objective measurements in decibels), offering the ability to run solely on battery power for a full night or whilst using the beach club in complete silence. It means no noise or smoke or smell, just the sound of the waves lapping up against the side of the hull. This system also offers flexibility of layout meaning no shafts, simply electric cables: this allows for the engine room to be moved into the bow, liberating more usable space in the mid ships, which benefit the guest cabins.