Coral Royale by Ori Bespoke

Ori Bespoke have been shortlisted for Lighting Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2020.

Inspired by the ancient Asian coins and the opulent beauty of corals, the Coral Royale lamp combines traditional motifs and Art Deco, opening discussion about sea life, nature, and culture in a contemporary, luxury context. Corals are considered to be a common motif in decorative textiles, and their warm tonalities are becoming a desired effect for many luxury interiors that experiment with colour.

The Coral Royale raises awareness about the endangered sea life, integrating the tradition of coral into contemporary interior design settings. Pei Li, designer of Coral Royale, explains that “Natural aspects of design will be celebrated this year more than ever, for nature is not only the motivation of companies to create more sustainable products but also the inspiration for a new aesthetic.” The relaxing shine of the golden brass framing the embroidery of Coral Royale recalls the purity of unworked metal, while the intense, yet calming tones of the silk embroidery bring a touch of light to the atmosphere. This avoids creating dramatic contrasts between the objects present in the room and the design of the space. The transparency of the silk embroidery employed in Coral Royale, conveys the trueness of Ori Bespoke’s design intention of defining the natural trend, while maintaining the fineness of traditional silk embroidery.

Su traditional handmade silk embroidery, protected by UNESCO, was used in the making of the project and employs a unique stitching technique characterised by the use of split silk threads. To produce patterns, each silk thread is split into several other threads, and the thickness of the hair will vary depending on the motif that is being made for a particular design, allowing the crafting of shades, tone variation, and texture. The size of the thread will vary depending on the motif being crafted. Thinner threads are used for delicate motifs, while thicker threads will be used in larger scenes.

The two silk embroideries are subsequently encased by pieces of acrylic and integrated into the lamp. Ori Bespoke have therefore successfully preserved this traditional oriental motif and revived the Chinese embroidery technique in their contemporary design of a functional, decorative object.

Ori Bespoke

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