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Spacon & X have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – Europe Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

Spacon & X presents a new CPH Hotel; a renovation embracing activity-based spatial identity and interior design. The transformation of the hotel was initiated to open the space to its surroundings and be more useable for its diverse mix of guests. The new design is consistent and holistic, embracing an activity-based spatial identity from its welcoming and playful foyer, to the characteristic rooms and lively colour palette.

Spacon & X

The brief was to refresh and renew the experience of DGI as a social rallying point. To meet this, Spacon & X researched DGIs core values and asked themselves how the design and solutions could both reflect and reproduce these. The project has therefore been rooted in an ambition to create multifunctional spaces.

The foyer takes on an informal and welcoming atmosphere combining the existing yellow bricks with a forest of plants, large skylights, and a mirrored steel ceiling. Reflecting the guests’ movements, the ceiling makes the guests an active part of the interior, as well as mirroring the playful water effect of the pool areas. Spacon & X architecturally renovated this building with the focus of opening it up and adding a higher level of experience, flexibility and human-centred approach. Working with the spatial organisation of the foyer, the designers optimised the flow, defined new zones, and integrated the relation to the pool area. All interior design has a high focus on creating a calm but playful atmosphere.

Spacon & X

The design of the guestrooms started with a rail on the wall that runs throughout and frames a room in movement; elements in the rooms are based on the rail-system, which enables guests to move these as they please and personalise their stay. A mobile and flexible product of the design for CPH Hotel is the O-Lamp, which as combination of high-quality materials and active functionality can both sit on a surface or hang on a hook from the rail-system. The O-Lamp enables guests to create different light settings and in essence reflects the design solutions that characterises the renewed spatial identity. The guest rooms have a foundation of making each guest an active co-creator, which will change from guest to guest and adapt to their specific needs.

Spacon & X

Spacon & X has created an adaptable design, that welcomes guests through high spatial experiences and a strong spatial identity. The design is playful and active, and opens the possibility for guests to adapt the scenery according to use through flexible interior solutions and multifunctional zones.

Spacon & X

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