Crestron's new CLWI Wireless Dimming and Control System

Crestron’s new CLWI Wireless Dimming and Control System

Crestron has this month launched its new CLWI integrated in-wall wireless dimming and switching control solutions. CLWI offers the perfect entry-level product to attract new home and building automation business.


CLWI is specifically designed for the European market and is suitable for both new and retrofit installations. The range uses infiNET EX™ wireless technology to deliver reliable and cost-effective 2-way dimming. In addition, CLWI dimmers and switchers provide seamless compatibility with Crestron products for controlling audio, video, HVAC, and security systems, as part of a whole home or building control solution.


As the retrofit market continues to grow, CLWI wireless lighting control products offer an ideal solution for integrators who want to introduce automated lighting control to their clients. Using your existing wiring for power, it is not necessary to cut holes through walls and ceilings to run new control wiring. This virtually eliminates the inconvenience and cost associated with a fixed wired installation, without sacrificing control performance.


CLWI can be installed in all types of locations and the shallow profile of the CLWI series ensures that all the dimmers can be installed in European single gang boxes, making it perfect choice for both new and retrofit projects across the region. For fast, reliable wiring connections, CLWI features screw-clamp connectors to reduce installation time.


Engravable buttons can be swapped out in the field for project-by-project customisation. In addition, each CLWI is shipped with a full assortment of blank buttons for future use should the interior scheme be subject to change. There is also a full range of other electrical accessories with matching faceplates available, including sockets and switches to co-ordinate with any interior design scheme.


Attached to a Crestron network, CLWI also functions as an intuitive keypad, sending commands to trigger whole-room lighting scenes or distributed audio functions. Supporting up to six buttons, the in-wall dimmer or switch serves as a great user control interface in any Crestron system. Its single-box form factor maximises control capability in a small space while increasing the opportunity for Crestron control in every room.


CLWI supports dimming control of the same lighting load from more than one location without requiring a special remote dimmer. It is possible to connect any standard, maintained or momentary, switch to the “remote” terminal on the CLWI keypad for on/off control and the momentary “push-button” switches provide full dim up/down and on/off control.

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