Crystal Caviar

Congratulations to Crystal Caviar Shortlisted For The Lighting Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that Crystal Caviar have been shortlisted for the Lighting Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2019.

Crystal Caviars 2.5-meter long prism chandelier was made with more than 500 hand cut and hand polished crystal prisms, polished into a high gloss, with gold-plated frames. The prism chandelier was designed, manufactured and installed by Crystal Caviar and Sam Sorgiovanni for an 84-meter tri hull motor yacht in its dining quarter. The chandelier not only serves a purpose as the main lighting source in the dining area but also as one of the key features of the deck design.


The construction of the chandelier consists of a brass wreath with a 24K gold coating which works very well with the optical properties of crystal prisms. The prisms are very tightly placed next to each other into oval curves of different sizes. Crystal Caviar specified two light sources within the chandelier, the spotlights can shine directly from above through crystal prisms, for a more dispersed and scattered light or from the bottom of the chandelier between the prisms for a more direct light. Because of the difference in spotlight placement, the chandelier can either entertain the room with warm light or act as a solitaire above the dining table during the dinner.

Crystal Caviar

The characteristic component of the chandelier is the crystal prism and its optical properties. When the chandelier shines from the upper spotlight you see over 500 crystal components brightly refracting the light. The chandelier has a minimalistic design which perfectly fits in with the deck design and it is made especially for the marine environment. Another beautiful feature of the chandelier is the reflective properties of the gilded brass plates, these appear almost like mirrors and the reflections of the prisms can be seen creating a beautiful juxtaposition making the chandelier appear twice as high.

Crystal Caviar

The chandelier fits nicely into the interior thanks to the gold coating on the brass construction. Benefiting from the same colour used on decorated walls in the room, the chandelier is well fitting in all aspects.


Crystal Caviar

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