Cupola Ceiling Lamps by Alexander Lamont

Alexander Lamont have been shortlisting for Lighting Piece Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

Alexander Lamont wanted to create a lighting element that had echoes of antiquity but with contemporary fluid lines. Cast brass domes entirely covered with white eggshell that has been intricately inlaid by hand are suspended inside oval voids of bronze to create beautiful rings of light on ceiling and floor. The pieces are suspended by a chain of complementary varying loops in dark bronze. It came as a surprise when the pieces were finished and installed to realise that the polished brass interior of the lights created such a beautiful and striking light in the room – a mixture of light and reflection, like sunrays hitting the water.

The interplay between the oval shape of the shades, the bronze loops and rings that support them and the playful rings of light that they create makes for a lyrical form of poetic light. The lights are contemporary in feel with clean lines and simple shapes integrated into the design. But the whole experience is elevated and enriched by the use of the materials – the texture achieved on the cast bronze pieces and the wonderful intricacy of the eggshell-inlaid shades. Whether they are placed in a bare minimalist room or a rich opulent one the Cupola Ceiling Lights will create a sense of majestic quietude.

The bronze pieces are made using the traditional lost wax method used in ancient Buddha sculpture. The models and moulds are made in-house in our sculpting department. At the foundry the pieces are cast and then the raw items are brought back for finishing and pagination in the workshop.

Alexander Lamont is a British designer working within his own workshops in Thailand. Over the last 20 years he has mastered some of the world’s most beautiful decorative material traditions pushing them to the next level with innovative new applications and approaches. Some of the materials in his palette are natural lacquer, straw marquetry, shagreen and eggshell inlay.

Alexander Lamont

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