Curve by Diaz Yacht Design

Diaz Yacht Design have been shortlisted for  Concept Under 40 Metres Award in The International Yacht & Aviation Awards.

“Curve” is a project that is destined to be an open day cruising yacht. It holds a length of 14 meters, destined to cater for 5-6 people inside, accompanied by an incredible design proposal.

Diaz Yacht Design

Curve is a concept made by the Mexican interior architect and yacht designer Jorge Diaz Sibaja, its inspiration was rooted in the emphasizing of curved lines and prioritizing circulation from the stern access to the bow through a path that connects as mainly the sunbed area of the stern following the main deck and finished in the bow sunbed. This path is designed to be able to move from one end to the other without interfering with the other spaces. The design is additionally focused on being able to have everything in one place but at the same time having each area destined for a different activity thought the areas mentioned above.

Diaz Yacht Design

It is a yacht that draws a lot of attention for its glossy black colour together with the bronze colour in the details, the curved shapes are integrated into the yacht making them look in one piece, for example, the pilothouse. Curve is designed to be a useful and efficient yacht, mounting on the lower deck with a master cabin in which we find a full bathroom and closet. A full kitchen along with a convertible dinner table. 2 guest cabins with a dressing room and a full bathroom for both.

Diaz Yacht Design

The design is embedded in the way that the yacht was designed under a concept in which natural materials such as wood, carbon fibre were required which do not have a great impact on the environment and can become an element that integrates and adapt to any climate.

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