Congratulations to D-COR shortlisted for Living Space – Canada Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019

design et al are delighted to announce that D-COR have been shortlisted for Living Space – Canada Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

D-COR’s design for this penthouse achieves the perfect balance between modern luxury and playful pop art culture. The client is a pop art collector; therefore, it was important to showcase a piece throughout each space. In such a subtle way, each piece creates a pop of colour in this raw and modern design but plays perfectly with the exterior views.


This corner lot penthouse is located in an up and coming urban area, surrounded by art and culture. This client purchased the condo due to the location and most importantly, the view. D-COR’s goal for this design was to make sure every space had access to the surrounding view. By applying all the required elements within the centre of the condo and designing all the other spaces around them, they were able to achieve a very open concept design where the view was visible from every individual space.


D-COR integrated the laundry room, powder room and the office within the centre of the space, then were able to design all the communal spaces with an angle of the view. Though the office was placed within the centre of the condo, D-COR still wanted to assure that the client could profit from the view even when working. With a little creativity and strategic planning, D-COR designed a niche of open shelving between the kitchen and the office so that with a simple turn of the head, the client would have a view of the city. To add a little privacy without compromising the open concept, sliding glass doors were installed as a separation between the office and living space. This created a sense of privacy for the office, but of course, allowed the client to have a consistent view of the city.D-COR

By centralizing all the required amenities, creative solutions such as the use of glass doors and open shelving allowed you to define each individual space but still have access to the view from everywhere. In this design, D-COR went dark and we went masculine. Using dark, raw and sleek materials only enhanced the theme of this location but did not create a dark and inhabitable space. The windows added contrast with light and a touch of colour to this otherwise raw and masculine space.


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