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The Hotel Zena by Dawson Design Associates

Dawson Design Associates have been shortlisted for Hotel Under 200 Rooms – The Americas Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2021.

Hotel Zena celebrates female empowerment and accomplishments through provocative art and design. For the public spaces of this hotel DDA designed a salon style environment that is both social and provocative with every curving line leading to another moment of discovery. The goal was to create a haven for the liberated forward thinker where an atmosphere of strength and femininity live in harmony. Guests are immersed in a vibrant visual language told through a collection of original art, lighting, and architecture visible from every angle.

Dawson Design Associates

Hotel Zena is an experimental fusion between interactive art gallery, neighbourhood hub and stylish Lifestyle hotel. DDA conceptualized the experience by designing all the interior architecture, interior design and curating the 60-piece art collection that was commissioned from global feminist artist. DDA also conceptualized and designed the three major art installations including the light serpent sculpture and the protest wall made up of 12,000 protest buttons as sequins. The provocative and controversial Pointillism portrait of the late Supreme Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg utilizing 20,000 hand painted bio-degradable tampons was also designed with DDA Art Director Andrea Sheehan and artist Julie Coyle. A personal and intimate celebration of a woman in the most female of mediums, the essence of childbirth. A tribute to the tiny woman who paved the way legally for other women in the United States to succeed.

Dawson Design Associates

As an artist and a woman, the pleasure of being given the freedom and funding to experiment in creating a space that captures the characteristics and elements that make powerful females unique; soft and nurturing, fierce and protective yet engaging and social. Key to the design was the experience of building a world class art collection that shares so many other’s peoples own point of view and struggles as expressed in their art. The arts powerful and compelling message of unity that fills the spaces with an amazing energy. Stylish, inviting and interactive but with a deeper meaning and presence in layers that goes deeper than the superficial.

Dawson Design Associates

Dawson Design Associates

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