“In the beginning was the Word” by De-City, Lada Podolskaya Design Studio

De-City, Lada Podolskaya Design Studio have been Shortlisted for  Living Space – Europe Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Created for a family that combines the traditions of the West and the East, living between the two continents of North America and Eurasia, the residence is a model of a world without borders, while preserving the individual space of each family member.


“In the beginning was the Word”, in the beginning was the idea. In the beginning was the incorporeal mirage of creativity and the hand of the Creator. Our life is a window opening, breaking gold fabric of thought, the wind of changes, hopes, dreams, blown sails bursting into unbounded dawns, and it seems the life is without the end. And the dry thump of windows pressed back into nonexistence, addresses to recollection, to thought, to creativity part, to Creator’s intention.


The interior does not reject tradition, its image is built from the image of the temple, visible from the windows. The use of colour and texture is as natural and eco-friendly as possible. The interior uses a lot of manual labour of craft workshops; a fireplace, work with marble, individual natural parquet and built-in furniture.


All individual elements of furniture and equipment are made according to sketches and under the supervision of the author of the project. Part of the kitchen furniture was made in a private workshop, so it was necessary to compensate for the shortcomings of the building’s architecture and functionally use the entire volume of the apartment. According to the sketches, there is also a panel in the kitchen made of slabs of wood, symbolizing the autumn forest that falls asleep to be reborn in the spring. The shade of the natural oak parquet was tinted manually by order of the architect. The fireplace in the living room made of natural marble and polished steel is made according to the sketches of the author of the project. Chairs at the windows of the living room are made in New York according to the sketches of the author of the project.

De-City, Lada Podolskaya Design Studio

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