de Le Cuona Shortlisted In the International Product Design Awards 2014

de Le Cuona Are Shortlisted for the Fabric Award In The International Product Design Awards 2014

Collection Name: Stormy Serenity, by de Le Cuona

Inspiration of the design and description of piece:
de Le Cuona’s new collection, Stormy Serenity, is a contemporary twist on our favourite cashmeres, velvets, paisleys and linens.  There are five new fabrics in Stormy Serenity, each with a story of their own.


Inspired by a 17th Century document, Antoinette is a beautiful velvet which has been decorated with real metallic paint and washed to create an authentic antiquated look.
Composition: 60% Viscose 40% Cotton.
Shades: Dusk, Dawn

This gutsy linen is an embossed linen complement. Maroc has been washed, stonewashed, dyed and gently massaged to make this weighty cloth, floppy yet full of life.
Composition: 100% Linen.
Shades: Bay, Ash, Cloud.
The colours of this new paisley are subtle combinations of blues and taupes and an elegant cream and grey combination.
Composition: 84% Wool, 16% Cotton.
Shades: Snow, Moon

An exceptionally fine cashmere with a grand paisley inspired design woven into it. Lined the design can be seen clearly however with the light behind it the design disappears to create just a hint of colour and fine texture.
Composition: 100% Cashmere
Shades: Smoke, Ghost, Breeze, Ember

Buffalo new colours
Stonewashed to the extreme to recreate the thick scarred skin of the Buffalo, this fabric is subjected to a unique finishing process. In addition to previous Buffalo colours, Wild, Swamp and Calm join the collection.
Composition: 100% Linen
Shades: Wild, Swamp, Calm


As with each new collection, the latest fabrics marry effortlessly with de Le Cuona classics.