Deborah Law Interiors

Luxurious Executive Home Renovation by Deborah Law Interiors

Deborah Law Interiors have been shortlisted for Interior Design Scheme – UK Award in The International Design and Architecture Awards 2020. 

The brief for Deborah Law Interiors was to create a luxurious home which enabled the clients to feel more connected to their love of Africa and its wilderness. The traditional neutral palate of the African style was delivered via a great mix of textures, traditional and handmade pieces shipped from Africa itself, with more modern and individually designed pieces of furniture, from which the designers created many of them.

Deborah Law Interiors

Working with the style and shape of the property itself, Deborah Law Interiors created interior architecture choices that set the perfect palate from which to build on. Maximising natural light, locating mirrors where light needed reflecting. Furniture was mostly designed in-house to bring individuality and uniqueness with a variety of materials that were synonymous with Africa. Design touches that met the brief more fully and proportions that enabled every inch of the property to look ‘right’. The designer’s favourite piece being the hallway cupboard.

Deborah Law Interiors

Deborah Law Interiors worked with a number of celebrated photographers and artists to bring specific views to life in the home and ensured there was a balance between animals, people and culture. Some of the accessories used throughout the property were even made by native tribesman to keep the design authentic.

Deborah Law Interiors

The designers did a lot of research and got the clients to approve their findings before combining ideas to create room schemes. From decisions about largely used items like flooring – to the tiniest of details such as handles and hinges – everything was designed and planned and the result shows that the whole property is beautifully designed, in proportion and connecting with the brief as well as the UK environment it sits in.

Deborah Law Interiors

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