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Mulalo House by Decor Identity

Decor Identity have been shortlisted for Living Space – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Mulalo House was designed to be a space for modern single living. The businesswoman homeowner wanted this project to express her personal tastes and be suited to her way of living, whilst carrying a quality of understated luxury. Décor Identity chose a light colour scheme and open plan design, acknowledging the sophistication that is found in simplicity.

Decor Identity

The interior design work was styled to complement the architecture of Mulalo House; the large open windows allow for natural light to flood the interior, and so Décor Identity wanted the interiors to harmonise with this. A soft yet natural-toned palette is used throughout the home, elevated by seldom touches of stronger colours for added depth and luxury. Each area is given it’s own character with the colour palette and patterns that are used – the kitchen and dining area employs subtle scatters of dark blue for a subdued pensive character, the outdoor area is kept raw and simple with natural materials and earthy tones, whereas the seating areas combine an assortment of textures, patterns and neutral undertones, that are brought to life with green accents.

Decor Identity

A richness in texture and detail is employed to preserve depth and intrigue in a very light and natural interior space. In doing so, Décor Identity achieved the client’s brief of a modern, clean and simple space with luxe and glamour. Additional statement elements such as the bold lighting pieces complement the contemporary style whilst showcasing the care that Décor Identity invest into their projects.

Decor Identity

Decor Identity

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