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Shandukani House by Decor Identity

design et al are delighted to announce that Decor Identity have been shortlisted for Luxury Residence – Global Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2020.

Shandukani House is a contemporary home, designed for entertaining. The homeowner had requested luxury in a minimalistic style – simple yet modern, family friendly and able to entertain. Décor Identity styled this house in order to benefit from the large open spaces, limiting accessories and styling elements so that the space remains for entertaining guests.

Decor Identity

With Shandukani House having such large open spaces, Décor Identity gave each room its own mood in order to refrain from spaces getting lost in the house as a whole. Each room has been designed to have its own identity through the colours and textures introduced, but the modern, timeless and classic furnishings provide cohesion to the design. The open areas have minimal accessories allowing them to flow from one area and mood to another, which in turn creates a fascinating living experience for both the residents and their guests. This, along with the inclusion of a home cinema and wine cellar, enhances the opulence of the project and defines this as a home for modern living and entertaining.

Decor Identity

The bold colours and patterns that Décor Identity applied throughout the home appealed to the contemporary brief. Details within the textures, furniture pieces and artwork combine to create each individual ‘mood’. The contrasting neutral and metallic colours, and matte and soft textures in the bedrooms embed dramatic luxury in its dynamicity, yet the combination of linear and circular furnishes and art in the living areas along with warm tones produces an inviting playfulness. This home reflects the beauty of clean simple lines, turning the focus onto design, furniture and art, just like the house is the focus-point in its simple, clean surroundings.

Decor Identity

Decor Identity

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