Congratulation to Design Intervention shortlisted for Kitchen Over £100,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

design et al are delighted to announce Design Intervention have been shortlisted for Kitchen Over £100,000 Award in The International Design & Architecture Awards 2019.

This open plan kitchen, created by Design Intervention, flows seamlessly from the rest of the house. The lines are clean and masculine, but Design Intervention have introduced some glamorous elements to give it a luxurious ambience and to make the kitchen feel special.

The client enlisted Design Intervention to create a bespoke kitchen: dramatic with layers of luxury yet simultaneously delivering homeliness and warmth. The client’s style preference was for light, airy aesthetic, and as the kitchen is in an area without any windows, a key part of the brief was to create a brighter ambience.

design intervention

This project is very much a cook’s kitchen and all materials had to be hard-wearing and durable yet feel luxurious and premium. It was important for Design Intervention to create a welcoming atmosphere to encourage the children to spend time as a family in the kitchen. As the children are still relatively young, the client wanted to create an accessible cabinet to encourage them to help themselves. As the family entertains frequently, the kitchen also had to meet the demands of a professional chef when required, so materials and finishes had to be durable but premium in design and specification.


The kitchen was designed to house a plethora of storage, thereby avoiding unnecessary clutter on the benchtops. The client required a large pantry and generous utility area which she preferred out of sight the kitchen area. To make up for this windowless space, Design Intervention chose a striking rich veined Orinoco granite that creates an exciting focal point. This marble splashback gave this kitchen its luxurious feel and adding it to the side of the island creates a seamless link.

design intervention


The kitchen is the area of the home where the client envisioned spending a considerable amount of time, so Design Intervention have ensured the finishes are luxurious and elegant as well as satisfying the functional needs of a working kitchen. Touches of black echo the dark materials that have been used throughout this home, integrating the kitchen into the overall design.

Design Intervention