The Design Practice by UBER have been shortlisted for a Lighting Scheme Award

design et al are delighted to announce that The Design Practice by UBER have been shortlisted for a Lighting Scheme Award in The International Product Design Awards 2016 

The brief was to transform a simple garage space into an entertainment leisure area and show stopping presentation for the owner’s supercar. The  whilst creating a moody overall ambience. This was achieved using many different elements.
1 UBER-prj-bowdon-garage02HR

The main attraction being to highlight the supercar within a rotating glass podium. Smoky quartz was used as the key tie-in element and backlit within the full spirit wall in the games room, the pool cue rack and the floor in the wine cellar. The semi-precious circle over the car posed a conundrum for UBER as, weighing over a ton in weight, meant the team had to use high resolution photography of the exact quartz to realise the concept design. The  space is bought together and the materials highlighted by means of downlight lighting- to the padded leather walls, light pool posts in between and reflective ceiling and floor surfaces. These area all independently controllable.
The Design Practice by UBER - Supercar Mancave
From the ground floor the mood is set on the stair descent. Sensors detect your approach turning all on to the preset settings including lighting in the basement space ready for the big reveal. As you turn the corner the glass doors unveil the rotating supercar pool lit from above. The eyes are drawn around the reflective surfaces of the circumference with glimpses of the wine cellar, mirror, glass faux croc flooring and backlit smoky quartz. Further in the distance you can spy the same crystal on display as the backdrop wall to the games room with cocktail bar and pool table.
The space held its challenges for UBER but thanks to a dedicated team of ‘can do’ partners in Intuitive Homes, Ultimation, along with Crestron and Lutron to name a few this dream was realised to the fullest of potentials.


The Design Practice by UBER