Designer In Profile: Aness Handous, Owner and Lead Designer at Tailored Interior

Name: Aness Handous

Company: Tailored Interior

Position in Company: CEO, Owner, Lead Designer 

Website: Tailored Interior

Aness began her career with a diploma in Fashion Design and Apparel program from Marvel College in Edmonton, Alberta. In 2008 she had an opportunity to shift careers and began to explore the Interior Design Industry. Aness began to take part in commercial and residential renovation projects and found a deep passion for Interior Design. Aness decided to attend the Residential Interiors Program offered at the University Of Alberta. After completion, Tailored Interior inc. was opened!  The passion she had for creating beautiful and functional space only grew, and upon only two years of operation, Tailored Interior expanded into a full-service design, decor, and home staging firm., with a  goal to create smart, stylish and livable spaces that enable people to connect with friends, family, and colleagues in both commercial and residential realms.

How would you describe your personal interior design style?

My design style is unique for every project and is inspired by the feel of the atmosphere. I believe that just as each person holds and possesses uniqueness, our spaces do as well. My design style is designing according to what I feel space needs to reach its highest and truest potential. I believe adding interest in mixing textures, colours, and proportions always elevate the details.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from many places, but my biggest and strongest inspiration is simply to create. To create by doing great work with great people. The idea that you can make something so great out of nothing, from the ground up, and have your vision come to life is truly what I believe to be one of the most exciting and adrenaline rushing feelings one can experience.  My inspiration also comes from things I may see around me that instantly spark an emotional connection or feeling, or may come from a conversation with my clients after something they mentioned that I feel is important to them.

What direction do you feel the design is moving towards in general terms?

The direction of greatness. The direction of incredible. The direction of limitless possibilities. The isn’t a “No” in this industry. There is a “how do we get there?” We know with the correct perspectives, the right team and leadership sharing the same morals, ethics, goals and vision, the possibilities are endless. And just to know that and feel that feeling is a beautiful thing.

How important are the International Design and Architecture Awards?

The International Design and Architecture Awards are important for so many reasons.. where do you begin? Firstly, being recognized by such an organization and event of this calibre is the true validation of a team’s persistence, drive, passion, hard work and progress. It reflects great leadership and management.  It validates the journey of growth and everyone involved. This is an important event that will constantly rejuvenate our perspectives, mindsets, and remind us of the important contributions and imprints we are capable of making in design for ourselves and others around us in the way we live. Most importantly, it is a reminder of gratitude. Gratitude for the challenges and obstacles we face that force us to think outside the box, out of the ordinary, and into the extraordinary. A true reflection of growth, and a significant moment of realization of what we are truly capable of providing by creating.


Aims and goals for the next twelve months:

  1. Continuous assessment of direction when approached with design project inquiries. Refine specialization of acceptance for design projects.
  2. Continue growth and expansion for Home Staging section of Tailored Interior Inc. Grow and increase inventory, accommodate inventory with warehouse space.
  3. Become a proactively involved member with the CBHA Association in Edmonton and other organizations in the community. This includes public speaking and educational events to learn and educate others about the technical side of design that isn’t always seen or recognized.
  4. Find a volunteer role needed in the community to contribute design skill and service to less fortunate and or charity organizations that are managed by the City Of Edmonton. I would love to have the privilege to be able to contribute to a space that someone can call home.


Most treasured possession: My home. It is the place that holds my most loved ones together.

Favourite holiday destination: Santorini, Greece.

Favourite Hotel: Esperanza, Auberge Resorts Collection. Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.

Favourite restaurant: Harry Sasson

Favourite book: Conversations With God.

Favourite food: Seafood and Italian.

Favourite way to spend an afternoon: time with my children, family, or good friends.

If I wasn’t a designer, what would I be? A spiritual healer. I believe in the connections we make with each other, the universe and the power of manifestation. I love the idea and feeling of being able to help or guide with actions or simply by conversation.