DESIGNER IN PROFILE: Design Team, Technicon Design Studio (France)

Technicon Design France recently made the shortlist in the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2014 with their IXION Private Jet Concept reaching the shortlist in the Private Aviation Interior Concept and Private Aviation Exterior Concept categories.




Company: Technicon Design


Positions within company: Technicon Design Team France for the Ixion Jet Concept Interior.

Pictured above left to right:  Nicolas Jousse (NJ) – Design Project Manager, Aurelie Bordier (AB) – HR / Recruitment, Guillaume Juif (GJ) – 2D/3D Designer, Thomas Digiacomi (TX) – 3D Generalist, Anne Lefevre (AL) – 3D Generalist, Gareth Davies (GD) – Design Director




What direction do you feel design is moving towards in general terms?

NJ – I feel that design is moving towards a very customizable direction. Future products have to be original, unique, authentic, and configurable according to your tastes and moods. Customers want to be involved in the creative process and feel that they build their own product.

GJ – Currently design has decision-making power in the process of creating new products. It gives significant added value added to simple and functional products which make them more attractive to the customer.


What for you is the most interesting aspect of an interior design project?

NJ – We created the IXION interior with the strong idea of customizable cabin. We wanted a design solution which can live and evolve according to your needs and desires. The richest way to offer such a freedom to the users is to integrate a huge digital interface. This interface could display different colour and trim atmospheres, could be used as a work space, for relaxation, and give the possibility to display what happen outside as a false cabriolet private jet.

GJ – In my opinion, the most interesting aspect in an interior design project is to combine design creation and technical/ergonomic constraints to create a warm environment and great experience for customers.

AL – What I find most interesting in interiors is the phase of research in which we put in place all the elements that allow us to reveal our ideas through visuals, in which we strive to imitate all the wealth and subtlety of materials and details that our eyes are used to.

TX – Nowadays, with the help of new technologies, everything becomes possible. It allows you to create whatever you imagine, and always come up with new ideas. I think that this freedom, “unlimited possibilities”, is the most inspiring aspect of a project.


What influences or inspires you in your work?

NJ – I am inspired by lots of different themes such as architecture, furniture, transportation, technical innovations, and the film industry.

GJ – I can say everything inspires me. In the design process you can take the inspiration in nature, sci-fi movies, architecture, and adapt it to your target. It really depends of the type of project.

AL – In my case, the inspirations are everywhere, but they often struggle to be heard. They sometimes occur when I pay attention to daily activities or when I try to watch something whilst trying to forget everything I thought I knew about it.

TX – I think that it would be once again technology. See what was impossible a few years ago become real so fast is the most inspiring and motivating side of this work. It’s a world constantly moving and evolving. It’s like being a part of “the future”.


Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2014 and beyond.

NJ – Personalisation, Purity, Colour, Innovation, Subtlety

GJ – Modularity, Ergonomics, Efficiency, Customisation, Simplicity


If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to interior design schemes, what would it be?

NJ – Before thinking about design, you have to structure the interior according to users’ needs (communication area, desk area, relaxation area, etc…) The circulation on board is also an important is the separation and hierarchy of spaces.


Anything else interesting?

NJ – what is interesting in this private jet concept, and design in general, is how you get around technical constraints and propose an another point of view, another approach.

That’s what we did for interior: During brainstorming meetings, we started with a crazy fantasy to create a private jet “cabriolet”… which is of course technically impossible. We kept that strong idea and get around that technical impossibility in proposing to display what happen outside on screens inside. The result is almost the same, except the wind in your hair!

GD – A very interesting aspect to this particular project was the way we played to the strengths of each team member to deliver the project in a very short time frame. It is an excellent example of how a small tight-knit group of creative people can thrive on each other’s abilities, so that the whole becomes more than a sum of its parts.

I have an excellent team and I am extremely proud that our work has been recognised in these awards.